Hi, there! Welcome to BooksandBigHair!

About Me: 

I’m India — 25-year-old Southern Belle, South Carolina Native who just made a big move to NYC to take a job in Digital + Social Media Marketing.

I’m a writer, and I am currently writing for a few publications and working on a novel (or two, or three!). My goal is to become agented and published, and I talk about that journey a lot here.

I LOVE to read, and I love talking about what I’ve read on my YouTube channel, where I have 4k subscribers!

My hair is thick, wild, and almost untameable, which I love. I was featured in Seventeen Magazine for it in 2013!

About the Blog:

BooksandBigHair came from my BookTube, (or Book-Related YouTube) Channel. I felt it was the perfect representation of me! I (obviously) have big hair, I love to read, and I want to write my own books one day. Expect tons of posts on writing + the journey to becoming a published author, books I’m loving, lifestyle posts, and the occasional hair-related post! I also want to talk about living in New York and how I’m adjusting!

Fun Facts:

I’m a Christian, and Jesus is the center of my life! Matthew 5:16 is my favorite Bible verse. I love the idea that we can be a light to the World, and I am passionate about doing so through my writing.

Beyoncé is my favorite artist of all time. I’ve written so many articles explaining why.

Iced Coffee, Hot Cheetos, and Alfredo Pasta are my weaknesses. If anyone has any healthier alternatives to these snacks, please share. I’d like to lose a few.

So, kick your feet up, grab a cup of tea, and enjoy the blog! I hope I inspire you to follow your dreams, write that book, take that chance, or at the very least, recommend you a good book to read!