26 Sep 2018

I have a book deal! (+ blog updates)

I cannot believe that I haven’t posted this news on the blog yet, but if you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, you probably already know that I HAVE A BOOK DEAL!! I have a middle-grade novel, called THE FORGOTTEN GIRL, coming with Scholastic in Fall 2019. I feel incredibly thankful, grateful and blessed! You can add it on Goodreads here.

I’ve known for months now, but the announcement officially went out on Publishers’ Weekly the day before my wedding weekend started, and the title was just finalized last week. I officially started writing this novel during our engagement, on top of moving out of NYC, starting a new job, and planning the wedding. I’m still working on another project as well, so it took me a really long time to update my BookTube channel and now my blog with the news.

The novel is dual-perspective and follows two 11-year-olds, Iris and Daniel, through their sleepy, southern, small town during the wintertime. The two stumble upon a segregated/formerly Blacks’ Only/abandoned graveyard and awaken a ghost who is fed up and ready to be recognized properly. She enlists the help of Iris, but Daniel isn’t too such that the ghost has great intentions… and rightfully so.

I’ve talked about this both in my Book Deal video and on the novel highlights on my Instagram page, but this story was very loosely inspired by 1. The formerly segregated graveyard that my late Uncle and Great-Aunt are buried in, and 2. My two, 11-year-old cousins.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I have ALWAYS wanted to be an author, so I just feel so blessed to have a book coming out next year. I never thought it would be a spooky, MG novel BUT! as they say, some of the best things in life are on the other side of your comfort zone.

Please follow along on my social media for quicker updates! I actually just did a huge Q&A on writing and all of the things here. I will still be updating this blog, but honestly I’ve been having mixed feelings with the direction of my blog and where I feel like it should go.

I started blogging in college, and it has changed soo much, from music/entertainment, to lifestyle, to more of a books/writing/goal focused blog. When I first started, I was playing with the idea of full-time freelancing and blogging. When I realized that I wanted to return to my original dream of being an author, I stopped freelancing as much, but still kept the blog as a way to connect with people instantly through the written word. Of course, I’ve been updating y’all with my wedding and other things, but I find that with more book-writing, I feel like I want to blog less when I’m NOT book-writing. But, I still want to connect in a way that’s faster than publishing, so where does that leave me?

I’m thinking of starting a newsletter, along with a website with a blog TAB on it. That way, I can update the blog with author stuff, writing tips, etc. The newsletter will be infrequent, with book news, a few personal things, giveaways, etc. What do y’all think about that? Let me know!

Thank you for reading this blog, regardless! Whatever I decide, I hope I can still count on your support (and you can count on mine!) In the meantime, I’ll be updating this blog a LOT more frequently with book news, especially as it pertains to cover reveals, preorders, etc.

Don’t forget to add THE FORGOTTEN GIRL on Goodreads! 


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  • 100% would wear this hairstyle today. 😄💕🎀 #thanksmommy #tbt
  • Posting hubby’s #beforeiletgochallenge because I love it so much. 😍 he decided to do his thing and drum to it and I suggested he record it!! We joke a lot that we have an Artist House. He drums for kids while I write for kids. Also, since Beyoncé’s #homecoming documentary was HBCU marching band focused, it’s perfect for us! Rob is a percussionist/former band member and y’all know I’m a proud member of the Beyhive. And we both met at our HBCU. 🐝🥁Show him some love!! ❤️ @rhythmofrob
  • Next up: 🗣THIS ONE IS FOR MY MAMA!!! The funniest, goofiest, most beautiful and lively person I know. ✨ I’ve watched her sacrifice so much for my brother and I over the years, and I can’t wait to pay her back. She’s a teen mom who I’ve watched graduate from high school and become the first person in our FAMILY to graduate college. I’m so blessed and grateful for our bond. I love her so much!!! #Tonya ❤️ 💕#HappyMothersDay
  • A year ago today, I married the love my life. We’ve been together for almost 10 years, started dating at 19, and I still learn something new about you everyday. I love to watch you drum, your passion for teaching, your selfless heart. I love to laugh with you, and I’m excited to grow old with you. A year ago today, two kids vowed to God to love, honor, and respect each other for the rest of our lives. Happy anniversary babe!! I love you so much. One year down, forever to go! 🥰❤️ @rhythmofrob #jumpingthebrowns (SWIPE to the very end for a surprise LOL)
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  • Tomorrow is #independentbookstoreday, and I’ll be spending it doing one of my favorite things and one of my favorite indie’s: talking about books! If you’re in the Charlotte/Lake Norman area, come to @mainstreetbooksdavidson tomorrow between 1-3pm and let me recommend a book to you! 📚💖
  • Watching Beyoncé’s new documentary as an HBCU grad and someone who is a huge admirer of her work: In high school, there were many microaggressions thrown my way (my teacher got fired for saying the N word in class 🙄) and I felt overlooked. Afterwards, I attended Claflin University, a small HBCU in South Carolina. There, I felt I got the attention I needed as a student, and I didn’t feel discriminated against for the color of my skin or the texture of my hair. It was there where I fell back in love with writing, embraced my natural hair texture, met my husband and my best friend. I built community, confidence in the workplace, and made friends from all over the world (different races as well). Beyoncé’s documentary showcased the beauty of attending a Historically Black College in a world where people constantly judge you for skin color or culture. I’m so glad Bey shed light on HBCU’s — I’m excited for the kids who are thinking of attending an HBCU after watching her performance. I’m motivated by her 15 hr work days, while breastfeeding and eating literally NOTHING but vegetables to gear up for her Coachella performance, months after her emergency c-section w/ her twins. One of the reasons I love Beyoncé so much is how she embodies the Black Southern Woman to a Tee for me. She’s done it again, and I’m continually inspired. 🐝✨#beyoncehomecoming
  • Some of you may know that I used to work at HBO, and one of the coolest things about my job was having a small part in working on Game of Thrones. GoT will always remind me of living and working in NYC, and I’m excited to watch the final season premiere tonight! Who do you think will take the throne? I hope it’s a Stark ❄️🐺😩 #gameofthrones #forthethrone