10 Mar 2016

Currently #2: March Goals, Books and Thoughts

Hey y’all! I wanted to do another “Currently” post so this blog just won’t be filled with Goals recaps. I just to fill you guys in on what’s going on with me! Check out my last one here.

currently 2

Feeling: The end of February and the beginning of March have been so busy for me. My boyfriend had a death in the family, and there’s not (and shouldn’t be) a very convenient way to be there for someone you care about, everything else kind of becomes secondary. Needless to say, a lot of other things got pushed to the back burner as I navigated being a shoulder to lean on and traveling to see his family. Of course we traveled for a somber reason, but as always there was a silver lining, as I got to meet some of his extended family and visit a city I’ve never been to before. Now, I’ve just been trying to play catch up. Getting back into the groove of things is exhausting, but worth it.


Reading: I’ve been reading some really good books lately. I read All-American Boys, which is a YA novel that talks about police brutality in a way that is conversational. I was scared to read this, because police brutality and racism are two subjects that really leave me feeling helpless. But because of the way this story was told and the charisma of the main characters, this book became a favorite of mine that I gave 5 stars. I reviewed it here.


I also read Everything, Everything, which reminds me of an optimistic (and better) version of The Fault in Our Stars. The main character, Madeline, has never been outside of her house because she’s allergic to literally everything. Nicola Yoon was actually one of the authors I interviewed for Teen Vogue, so I was excited to read this book. It was amazing, and really makes you think about how important leaps of faith are!


I read The Raven Boys to gear up for Madcap Retreats, and I am just so excited to learn from Maggie Stiefvater. Her story telling is unmatched! I love how she sets the tone up for this eerie novel and I love the backstory of all of The Raven Boys. I highly recommend.


Now, after a major reading slump, I’m rereading the Harry Potter series. I was spoiled for Me Before You by Jojo Moyes (major bummer) and exchanged it for The Martian but I’m not really in the mood for that yet. I bought the Collectors Editon of the HP series and I am so excited, especially since I haven’t read any of them since I was 15. I can’t wait to see if any of my opinions change about any of the characters. You can follow me along on this journey here.

Getting Ready For: Madcap Retreats! I’m so excited to be in a space with authors and other aspiring authors to just learn, bond, and write! I’ve never been to Nashville before, and I’m so excited to take this time to slow down and really focus on my craft. I hope to come back to SC as a better writer!

Okay, here’s how I did on my February Goals

Finish 1st Round of Manuscript Edits: I did this! Now, the 2nd draft is off with my beta readers and I can’t wait for their feedback.

Buy Tickets to Beyonce’ Concert: Done, after an hour of refreshing ticketmaster.com!

Have a Great Valentine’s Day: My Valentine’s Day was good, but it kind of got thrown off at the last minute because of an abrupt change of plans. Planning a trip to make up for it!

Secure Travel Arrangements for Nashville Trip: I did this, even if I procrastinated way too long on doing it. My travel plans are set!

Pay More on Student Loan Debt: Ugh, I have to do better with this one. I did pay off a credit card, though, if that’s any consolation. 

Continue Exercising and Eating Better: I also need to do better at this. I’m still making better choices, but recently I’ve been slowly diving back into fast food. Namely fries. 

My goals for March are kind of boring an “adult-y”, but I still need to get these things done!

March Goals: 

Continue to work on Manuscript Edits, Polish 3rd Draft.

Have a great time/learn from Madcap Retreats!

Order an Ancestry DNA Kit– I’ve been trying to do this for years. I want to know exactly what part of Africa (and anywhere else) my ancestors are from!

Revise Student Loan Plan

Make Eye Doctor/Dentist/Physical Appointments

I’d love to hear your March goals! Leave them down in the comment section below! Make sure you’re following me on Instagram, Goodreads, YouTube, Twitter, oh and my newest, Tumblr!




  1. Alexis wrote:

    So happy that I came across your blog! I honestly don’t remember how, but it was recently. It’s nice to connect with other future bestsellers! I have March goals that include finishing my manuscript, finding an exercise regimen that I enjoy and connecting with someone new. You can read my blog post here! Good luck on your goals, India! You got this!


    Posted on 3.10.16 · Reply to comment
    • India wrote:

      I hope you achieved your goals for March! Cheers to becoming future bestsellers! Did you finish your manuscript?

      Posted on 4.12.16 · Reply to comment
  2. Talia wrote:

    My Match goals are to work on my car and get it fixed, make a hair appointment (my 1st ever!), work out my insurance and drink more water! Also was thinking about applying for a credit card. IDK where to start! Lol I love your adult goals, they inspire mine and let’s me know I’m not the only one trying to get my life together and organized this year!

    Posted on 3.10.16 · Reply to comment
    • India wrote:

      You have some reallyyy good goals, I hope you accomplished what you wanted! I would suggest Capital One, they have some really good cards for beginners. I’ve incorporated more water into my diet by carrying around a cute tumbler filled with water… just by having it in my hand I end up drinking subconsciously. I hope this helps!

      Posted on 4.12.16 · Reply to comment
  3. Em wrote:

    Sometimes “adult-y” goals are exactly what you need! And you know I’m all about a solid student loan debt plan 🙂

    Posted on 3.10.16 · Reply to comment
    • India wrote:

      Exactly! I actually plan to read your old posts about paying my back! It’s sucky, but I know it has to be done!

      Posted on 4.12.16 · Reply to comment
  4. Jacob wrote:

    You should read the book “The Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey it goes into great detail about paying off debt.

    Posted on 3.12.16 · Reply to comment
    • India wrote:

      Ooh I have to check that out! Thanks for letting me know!!

      Posted on 4.12.16 · Reply to comment
  5. Heiress wrote:

    Hey there. I just thought that I would let you know that I absolutely love your blog.

    Heiress < myworldasyouseeit.wordpress.com

    Posted on 3.15.16 · Reply to comment
    • India wrote:

      Thank you so much! I need to check yours out as well! :o)

      Posted on 4.12.16 · Reply to comment
  6. Sierra wrote:

    Ancestry DNA Kit! Yes! I’ve been meaning to do that one, too. You should let us all know how that goes for you. I’ve always been extremely interested in heritage and ancestry, etc.

    Posted on 3.16.16 · Reply to comment
    • India wrote:

      I definitely will! I still haven’t ordered it smh, ugh! Next month for sure!! You should do one as well!

      Posted on 4.12.16 · Reply to comment

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  • I read this amazing anthology back in February — @wellreadblackgirl: a collection of essays edited by @guidetoglo, written by Black women, on the first time they saw themselves in the pages of a book they’ve loved. I’ve read and loved so many books as a child and have related to many characters, but I don’t think I really saw myself reflected racially in a book until my teenage years (except maybe Jesse from the Babysitters Club books?) For me, I always wanted to feel happy when reading, and the books presented to me about Black girls where always sad and/or dealing with slavery. I knew we were worth having more stories with happy endings too, and that thought fuels my writing to this day. ✨ Do you remember the first time you saw yourself in a book?
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