13 Jan 2016

Emily Ley 2016 Simplified Planner Review

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I’m a paper goods addict, and that includes planners. I LOVE planners, and have been getting one every year since high school. I’m 24 now and after (literal) months of debating, I decided to go ahead and purchase Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner.

Emily Ley header


I purchased my first Emily Ley planner in 2014 for my first year of freelance writing. That version was gorgeous, but super big to tote around, but since I *thought* I would be working from home mostly, I was okay with the size. I started going back to work and since I wasn’t doing as many articles day to day and had more of a set schedule, I didn’t use it as much. I’m rough on my planners and after a while, the band popped and the binding came loose, and I had to stop using it completely.

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From there, I purchased the Lilly Pulitzer agenda (which I reviewed here) which was completely adorable but just didn’t have what I was looking for, other than size. It was only available in a weekly format, and it didn’t have enough room for me to plan how I wanted. I’m getting back into freelance/manuscript writing this year and really missed the daily format.  It helps me focus on tasks from a day-to-day basis instead of thinking about everything I have to do all week at once.

Emily Ley 5

So like I said before, I decided on the Daily Version of the Simplified Planner in the Mint Dot style. I had the Navy Dot version last time, and I was contemplating between the Happy Stripe and Mint Dot this time. Before I made my decision on whether or not I was even going to by the Simplified Planner again, the Happy Stripe sold out completely, so the choice was made for me.

Emily Ley 6

I was looking at a ton of different planners (my best friend and I would send each other suggestions all day!) but I knew I wanted to go back to the Simplified Planner. No other planner really had what I was looking for in terms of a daily format, and I’ve already bought more than a few things from the Emily Ley shop, so I trusted the quality, especially since this planner promised new binding!

I decided to go ahead and purchase the planner when Emily released a code for free shipping, which really helped knock down the price!

Emily Ley 8

Like I said, I love this planner for it’s daily format. There’s a page dedicated to each day, with a schedule from 6am-9pm on one side and a to-do list on the other, along with a space to meal plan and a notes section. I also love the fact that each page has an inspirational quote at the top!

The weekend pages are a bit different, with Saturday and Sunday sharing a page and no schedule. However, there’s a space for a “Weekly Checklist” in the Sunday section, with things like “Meal Prep for the week” and “Tidy up for a clean slate” already filled in.

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I was really excited about getting my Simplified Planner and comparing it to my old one. One thing I really love about this new planner is the size! It’s perfect for toting around in my bag for days when I have to go to the office. I think it’s cute and compact, especially to be a daily planner! I also love the quality of the pages in the new one, and the new binding. It’s more sturdy and I don’t think I have to worry about the binding unraveling in the new planner.

Emily Ley 11
2016 Simplified Planner (left) and 2015 Simplified Planner (right)
Emily Ley 12
2016 Simplified Planner (left) and 2015 Lilly Pulitzer Planner (right)

I also really love the keepsake box that the planner came in. It’s perfect for receipts, letters, and etc.


Emily Ley 1

Emily Ley 14


All in all, I love this planner and I’m excited about using it this year. I still haven’t been using the schedule side as much, but I plan to use that side for appointments, meetings, dinner dates and things that I actually need to set a TIME to do, or I might skip out on (like laundry). I love the daily quotes and the dinner slot because it helps me keep track of my new “diet”.

Emily Ley 10

I recommend it for someone who wants to focus on their schedule one day at a time and doesn’t like to get overwhelmed with all of the whistles and bells of planners. I’m not going to lie, this planner is a bit pricey, but I consider a planner an investment because I use it all year. I chose Emily Ley’s because I love her “Simplified” mantra and have been a longtime follower of her brand.

Emily Ley 16

Emily ley 15

Do you have a Simplified Planner? Would you get one? What planner are you using now? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to chat with fellow #planneraddicts out there!


*This post is not sponsored! I purchased the Simplified Planner with my own money. 

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