23 Dec 2015

Goal Setting: Lara Casey’s 2016 Powersheets Workbook

It’s that time again, when you evaluate what you want to do differently in the New Year and set resolutions. It can be fun, but it can also be stressful and sometimes not even worth it, because you keep your goals up for maybe the first two weeks of January and then they just fizzle out! But I knew that I wanted something that would really help me figure out exactly what my goals need to be, and something that would really help me achieve them.

Powersheets 6


I have big things that I want to accomplish next year and I really wanted to be intentional about achieving them! I wanted to do more than just make statements like “I want to lose weight” or “I want to get published”, I wanted to dig deeper and get serious about achieving these goals. Enter Lara Casey’s Powersheets.

power sheets 3

If you know me, you know that I’m a paper goods addict: I love notebooks, books, planners, stationary, etc, and it’s really hard for me to pass up a good planner. I debated on getting the Powersheets Workbook for a long time:  I had the Powersheets last year and although I filled them out faithfully last December, I only really accomplished two of the goals I set for myself. I got discourage and shied away from the questions (they get really personal!) and I didn’t know if I needed them again.

Powersheets 8

After reading countless reviews and watching Lara Casey’s Periscopes on her own goal setting, I decided I wanted them. They were sold out for a few hours, and I was so annoyed that I’d waited until the last minute to get them! But then, luckily, they restocked with just a few more workbooks and I snagged it quickly. I’m so glad I did!

power sheets 4

The Powersheets are just more than writing your goals down and checking in every so often. They really help you define what you are passionate about, why you want to do what you do, what worked and what didn’t work this year, what you are saying yes to next year, and so much more. Once you have settled on your goals, you write actionable steps to achieve them every month. There’s even a refresher portion in the middle of the Powersheets to help you regroup and refresh goals and that need to be reworked! And even better, there are stickers that you can decorate with in the back of the book!

Powersheets 4

Powersheets 3


I opted for the workbook and not the loose sheets because I had the loose sheets last year, and I know this is random but I hated the binder I had the sheets in and I think that contributed to me not filling them out like I should’ve! (Although, this year they offer cute binders that you could put your Powersheets in!) and I like the idea of having a workbook that I could flip around instead of a binder. Although, the loose sheets set does give you the option of removing sheets to post around your house and on your walls for inspiration!

power sheets 5


I believe the Powersheet Workbooks are sold out, but there are Powersheets Loose Sheet sets are still in the shop!


Once I actually start my January goals, I may post some of the less personal ones in here to promote some type of accountability for myself. Are you setting any goals for the New Year? If so, let me know what they are in the comments! I’d love to hear about them!


This post is not sponsored and I purchased the Powersheets with my own money. As always, all opinions are my own! 🙂


  1. Kari wrote:

    I always set goals for the year (and I always always fail at them, but let’s not talk about that). I haven’t set any for the year yet, but I plan to! I’ve heard a lot about these powersheets. Might be time to really check them out.

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