28 Dec 2015

Highlight Reel: First and Then by Emma Mills

Two weeks ago, I was having one of those days, that turned into one of those weeks. You know the ones. You wake up on the wrong side of the bed and things start to add up that leave you feeling grumpy and not wanting to leave your bed. Luckily, at the start of this week I had the day off, so after I prayed and took a nap, I decided to dive into First and Then by Emma Mills, because it’s bright and colorful and looked like a light, fun, read. I’m so glad I did!



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First and Then follows Devon Tennyson, a high school senior who’s little more than average, living a middle class, very ordinary life. She has no idea how to make herself sound interesting on her college essay and she’s been in love in the same boy (her best friend, Cas) since middle school. The only thing remotely interesting in her life is her high school football team.

Until things make a very interesting turn. Enter Foster, her off-beat, Freshman cousin who’s moved across the country to live with them since his father passed away and his mother is battling a drug addiction. His entry in her life has caused something of a snowball effect in both of their lives, and the story just takes off from there.

This was a story I looked forward to reading everyday. The characters were lovable (even the not-so-loveable ones), and Devon’s personality was one that I could relate to: she was mildly sarcastic, but not mean, she wasn’t un-popular, but she wasn’t popular either, and was just your everyday girl. It was something about that I liked.

This book has been compared to Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, but I haven’t read that yet so I can really comment on that. Although, it’s evident that Devon loves Jane Austen and she references her a lot.

It was a fun, light read that really resonates with someone who has a strong love for football or grew up in a football town like I did. It’s a short book that you could read in one sitting if you wanted, and it doesn’t drag out longer than it should. Like I said, I loved all of the characters, but I especially loved Foster and his growth. he’s just the type of character you wanted to hug and take under your wing.

Although the book seemed to have a “typical” plot (girl loves boy, boy doesn’t know it) it’s soo much more than that. There were plot points in this novel that I didn’t see coming and I really appreciated that. Also, there was a certain familiarity that I loved.

First and Then left me feeling warm and fuzzy, and I stayed up until 3am to finish reading it. At the end of a not-so-great week, I can definitely say that this book was definitely apart of that week’s highlight reel. I don’t know if it my was my reading experience or personal connection with the book, but it was a 5 out of 5 star read for me! I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about this book.

Are you interested in picking up this book or have you read it already? I’d love to know! Tell me in the comments!



I was sent this book in exchange for my review. As always, this is my honest opinion!

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  1. Keanna wrote:

    I just bought this book and can’t wait to dive into it because of you, India. Thanks! Your new blog looks so great! 🙂

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