08 Nov 2015

NaNoWrimo 2015: Week One Recap

So November 1, 2015 marked the first week of NaNoWriMo, which is National Novel Writing Month! The goal of this month is to sit down and write a 50,000 word novel by November 30, which equals up to about 1667 words per day. Sounds easy enough, right? Shield-Nano-Blue-Brown-RGB-HiRes

[If you’d rather watch my recap vlog, check it out here!]

What am I writing? I’m actually writing an fiction novel for adults, which is not at all close to what I planned on writing. But when I talked to my best friend, she agreed that this idea was more intriguing. Plus, it was super easy to write. I started playing around with the idea and before I knew it I had 3,000 words.

Pantsing or Outlining? Everyone is different when it comes to this. I’m “pantsing” this time around which means I’m not planning every part of the book in detail. I have a general idea of where I want the novel to go but the ideas will come as I write. I actually feel like with the type of novel I’m writing this is the better idea, especially because this novel is more character driven. I like finding out how the characters find themselves from Point A to Point B.

Writing Routine: I actually find that I get my best writing done in the morning, or occasionally, late at night. These are the quietest times in my house and I’m one of those anal writers to needs complete silence or close to it when I’m writing! I honestly don’t even like to listen to music haha. Plus, if I write in the morning, I have the rest of the day to get things done that need to get done and I won’t feel guilty about not writing for the rest of the day. And if for whatever reason I can’t write one morning, I can always go back to writing that night and prevent my chances of skipping a day.

Hiccups: My laptop actually would not turn on for 6 hours on Friday. It was horrible and I lost my mojo to write when I finally got it working again around 11:45pm that night. I’ll talk about this more next week in my 2nd week recap.

All-in-All: I’d consider Week One a success. I reached my goal of having 10K words before the end of the week and I’m super excited about that. I was a freelance writer full-time before, so I have some experience with writing every single day. I just have to really get back into that habit. I’ve also figured out that while I’m writing, I need to be reading, too. Although I said I wouldn’t be doing much reading this month, it keeps my imagination fresh! Right now I’m reading Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella. I’m anxiously waiting for Winter by Marissa Meyer to arrive in the mail 🙂

Beginning Word Count: 3,000ish words

Word Count as of November 8, 2015: 10,057!

How are you doing with NaNoWriMo right about now? Do you have any advice for week two? Add me as a buddy here, and let’s encourage each other!



  1. Kari wrote:

    Great post! And it’s interesting that you find you have to read as you write. I’ve subconsciously been avoiding reading recently, and it’s making me sad because Winter!
    This NaNo has been so different for me, it’s weird. Last NaNo, I had this novel that I was more interested in for the plot and the love story and so it started off hot for Week 1, was a serious struggle for Week 2 and 3 and then picked back up with the final week. I remember being so behind the whole time pretty much and then catching up by writing like 7K a day at the end. This year I had been excited for NaNo to start for months b/c I love my MCs so much, but when it finally began, I just couldn’t write anything. I had less than 1K by day 3! Then I hit a stride and all I wanna do is write!
    Did you do NaNo previously? How do your experiences compare?

    Posted on 11.16.15 · Reply to comment
    • India wrote:

      Thank you! I have to read as I write because it inspires me to write my on stories, and because Winter!!! This is my first time doing NaNo! I was so far ahead the 1st week but now I am falling behind in my word count. I’m trying to catch up this week! I had to stop and figure out exactly where I wanted the second half of the book to go and now I have the idea. How’s your word count going for this week?

      Posted on 11.18.15 · Reply to comment
  2. Shanna wrote:

    This is just the perefct answer for all of us

    Posted on 1.28.17 · Reply to comment

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