08 Aug 2018

How We Made Our Wedding Day Unique! [Giveaway]

Today, I’m partnering up with WeddingWire to show you a few ways we made our wedding day unique!

I’ve mentioned in a previous post about how there were a few things about our wedding day that were slightly different than the norm, or even different than what I had in my head (getting married outside in summer South Carolina heat, for one, planning a wedding in six months, for two!) but I still wouldn’t change a thing. There were more than a few things that were unique to my day, and they made the day even more special.

While my eldest Uncle walked me down the aisle, my mom and I did a mother/daughter dance. My mom has always been a pillar in my life, and has always done everything she can for my brother and I. She’s seen me at my best thus far, at my worst, and has helped so much in so many ways during the wedding planning process. We started off slow with Mama by the Spice Girls and Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix) by Beyoncé. The planning process was so intense, so while dancing, we both really felt like a weight was being lifted off of our shoulders with every move. Fun Fact: We didn’t practice at ALL, so we really had to wing it!

The process of choosing who would walk me down the aisle and who I would dance my first dance with was definitely nerve-wracking. While I knew exactly how I wanted to do it, of course, like any decision you make during your wedding, other people did have opinions about my decisions. Some of my best childhood memories involve my Uncles, in this case my Uncle Greg, and I know that I can call on him (or any of my Uncles!) for anything and they’ll always be there for me. I love all of my Uncles dearly, but I felt that my Uncle Greg should be the one to walk me down the aisle for a few reasons.

With so many wedding shows and magazines out there, it can be easy to get caught up in what you, or people, think your day “should” look like vs. what you want it to look like. It’ll seem so much more personal if you make those little choices to make your day unique! If you need any ideas, check out Ways to Personalize Your CeremonyCreative Ideas for Rehearsal Dinner and Unique Ceremony Readings. WeddingWire is also hosting a contest to showcase the most unique touches to your wedding, so if you’ve had your wedding, or plan to have one soon, click this link for more information on how to enter! The prizes include $1000 cash prize and a gallery wall from Framebridge!

*This post was kindly sponsored by WeddingWire! As always, all thoughts or opinions are my own. 

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  • So this is the first true bookshelf I’ve had since I’ve started Booktube like FIVE years ago!!! These aren’t all of my books, I need another shelf, and I don’t know if this shelf will stay organized like this (I’ve already arranged one), but for right now, I’m soo happy with it. Two of these rows are TBR shelves - I haven’t read the books on them yet! Do you see any faves? 💕📚 #shelfie #shelfiesunday
  • The cover of my debut novel, THE FORGOTTEN GIRL, publishing with @scholasticinc on November 5, 2019! The full interview including the inspiration behind the story and some fun facts about me are at the link in my bio! I LOVE this cover so much and how it perfectly embodies the story! The cover focuses on our ghost, Avery, who was buried in an abandoned and segregated graveyard. 👻❄️She wants to be remembered by any means necessary. Iris and Daniel try to help her but ... to what end? Thank you so much to @maevenn for such a BEAUTIFUL cover. A bonus is that blue is my favorite color! 🙌🏽💙 #TheForgottenGirl
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  • Happy New Year everyone! I took the day yesterday to set goals for the year in my #powersheets, and figure out my Word of the Year. I decided on Steadfast. Here’s why. ⬇️ Steadfast: fixed in direction; steadily directed: a steadfast gaze. firm in purpose, resolution, faith, attachment, etc., unwavering, as resolution, faith, adherence, etc.

Last year I spent a lot of time dwelling on decisions - from big ones to small ones like figuring out which book to read next. 😂 I was easily distracted by worry, stress or social media. 
This year, I’ll have tunnel vision and focus on what matters. I’ll be able to make a decision and stick to it. I’ll focus on my debut author year without the noise. I’ll be so strong in my faith that I won’t think to worry or stress. I’ll be intentional in both work and play time! 
And there’s this Bible verse: “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” Isaiah ‭26:3‬ ‭NIV‬ 
Here’s to a fruitful and exciting year! 🙌🏽🎉What’s your Word of the Year?
  • This month marks 6 years since I chopped my hair off and went natural! Every December, I get my hair trimmed and straightened (this time, I got around 3 inches cut bc i wasn’t that kind to my hair this year.) Swipe for the blowout I got right before I got it straightened, and some other fun pics through the years! ❤️ the very last pic is a length check. Thinking of doing a natural hair journey video on my channel! 🙆🏽‍♀️
  • Merry Christmas from us and our 3 different types of plaid. 😂🎄🎁 ❤️#PajamaChristmas